High Rock Landing is committed to respect and conserve native flora:

- We recycle materials back into the environment. The re-use of felled trees and vegetation back into the landscaping enhances sustainability.
- We maintain a vast majority of natural vegetation highlighting the many native plants including several rare and vulnerable species.
- We analyze native flora during the design phase of development in efforts to minimize the impact on the natural habitat.

Water Recycling

High Rock Landing recycles water for many beneficial purposes:

- Rainwater is harvested for non-potable use. It is then captured again and treated for irrigation.
- The treated effluent from the treatment plant is captured for use as irrigation water. The systems are designed to harmonize with water use in the hospital so all effluent is used in the irrigation process eliminating underground dispersion.


High Rock Landing will soon be installing a 1.2 megawatt Solar Farm at Health City to support the first phase of the hospital.

Using cutting edge technology, the solar farm will integrate a photovoltaic energy storage system with the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment. This integration is estimated to reduce energy consumption by almost 40%.

SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning)

Included in High Rock Landing sustainable conservation plans is a cutting edge "green" technology Sea Water Air Conditioning system.

A district-wide system is planned to be installed when High Rock Landing has reached critical mass. The SWAC system will be used as a renewable energy source to serve the entire development community.

The SWAC system is estimated to reduce electrical consumption by 80 to 90 percent.


High Rock Landing actively participates in a recycling program. Health City Cayman Islands has diverted approx. 60% of their waste from the landfill through the implemented recycling programs.

- Waste is properly separated and removed by the local recycling vendor. These recycled materials include plastic, paper & glass.
- Medical waste is sterilized and incinerated in an on-site facility. The incineration process diverts a significant amount of waste from the landfill.

Social Sustainability

High Rock Landing is committed to the Cayman Islands community:

- High Rock Landing offers student internship programs in the Facility Maintenance Department.
- High Rock Landing supports local labor. A minimum of 65% local labor was onsite daily and over 60 independent local equipment operators were utilized for HCDEV.
- High Rock Landing offers employment reintegration programs to aid those working to overcome the challenges of a difficult past.


Recycling & Medical Waste processing diverts approximately 60% of waste from landfill

Approximately 24,000 gallons of water will be saved each day when at full capacity

Onsite Oxygen production eliminates shipping and reduces carbon footprint